co- created by
Antonio Cerezo, performer and co-author
Charlotte Brathwaite, director/co-author
Sunder Ganglani, dramaturg//co-author
Kent Barrett, lighting/wearable sculpture
Mary Orlin Geiger, costume/wearable sculpture
Tareke Ortiz, composer

I saw. I saw what I had seen before.
I became conscious. I recognized what I had seen before.
I recognized what I had recognized before. I perceived.
I perceived what I had perceived before. I became conscious.
I recognized what I had perceived before. I looked. – Handke

What do you say in the dark, what do you say in the light - what are you when you can’t be seen? What are you when you’re invisible but present? The lights won’t go up. The show started long before you got here. You’re here in this landscape, in the picture of this place - your comfort is yours to make. We’re together now, feel free to talk to me - we breathe the same air. Not a play, closer to life - terrifying. Don’t be late.

Mexico City, MX
Nov 20th, 2019 premiere

Berlin, Germany
Dec 14th, 2019

New York, NY
Feb 6–9 and Feb 13–16, 2020

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Casting the Vote

"Casting the Vote Serves Up Traditional American Food and Raises Hard Questions About Participation in Democracy" – www.immerse.news

"The idea of using the stage as a medium for journalism is still not commonly practiced, and including a meal in the journalistic conversation, with a conversation taking place around that meal, seems almost entirely new." –brown.columbia.edu

Next Performance
October 16, 2019 at 7pm
La MaMa Ellen Stewart Theater

A dinner, a party, a call to action, a gathering. A survival guide for troubling times Casting the Vote: Call To A Count examines our future and how we can count on one another in the struggle for democracy, justice, and a more perfect union.

featuring Impact Repertory Theater

Created in collaboration by
director Charlotte Brathwaite
journalist and filmmaker June Cross
dramaturg Sunder Ganglani
writer Janani Balasubramanian
composer Justin Hicks

lighting Kent Barrett

Kent  Barrett                                                                                                                            Kent.B.Barrett@gmail.com