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This sound file was created in tandem with a student choreographer at Dickinson College for the Dance Theatre Group's production of Freshworks.  
This underscoring was created by mixing live recordings taken from various parts of NYC overlaid on top of music.
A crescendo and denouement
This cue was created by overlaying more than 50 tracks both pulled and recorded to create the final cue of the performance which rose over the action of the scene and then ducked down to act as underscoring for the remainder of the show.  It was created for Who is Jordan Bishop under the direction of Scott Rad Brown at Theater Lab.
Background Static


This cue was created by recording a live, homemade theramin and then overlaying specific radio broadcasts on top of it.  It was then processed and sampled to line up with the exact timing of the play.  Created for the New American Play Festival under the direction of Jack Heifner

Rhythmic Crickets


This cue was created by recording crickets and then altering the speed, pitch and velocity of the sound texture to align with the specific blocking of the piece.  Created for Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen under the direction of Dr. Rick Jones

An aria, a lullaby and John Donne overlays


This cue was created by overlaying multiple pre-recorded and recorded tracks then processed in a variety of ways using a multi effects processor and multiple filters.  This cue was created for the ending of The New Works Festival 2009 under the direction of Francesca Spedalari


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