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Choreography by Nichole Canuso, Erin Crawley-Woods, & Sarah Skaggs


Scenic, Lighting, and Video Design by Kent Barrett

Costume Design by Sherry Harper McCombs

"Sarah Skaggs conceived of iEcho’s theme in the wake of the 2016 presidential election. Using live dance, music, multimedia and social media, she conveyed the ways technology and social media shape perceptions and experiences.

The tech crew used seven projectors, three cameras, 300 lights and five computers to project images onto a white, three-sided, boxed-in set. One work used a live video-feedback loop to create a kaleidoscopic effect, suggesting an echo chamber. Another incorporated cell phones, sewn into dancers’ leotards. A third work used online polling—through an app, downloaded at the start of the performance—so audience members could vote on which moves the dancers would make next."

by MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson for Dickinson Magazine

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