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St. Louis Blues


Video Component for Installation Artist Abigail Deville

Music Composition by Justin Hicks


This video was created as a component of Abigail Deville's Installation St. Louis Blues at the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis in 2017

Abigail had asked me to take her research imagery and turn it into echoes and fractures that intertwined with contemporary St. Louis; riffing on the composition created by Justin Hicks, I created this video to fit in line with Abigail's installation.  She asked that the content feel as if it were in the same world as her installation but not compelling enough that an audience would want to sit and watch it for an elongated period of time.  



This video contains excerpts from the dance piece iEcho. 


Choreographers included Sarah Skaggs, Erin Crawley-Woods, and Nichole Canuso.

Scenic/Lighting/Sound/Video Design by Kent Barrett

Costume Design by Sherry Harper-McCombs

Can I get a witness


This video shows excerpts of the video design from

"Can I Get a Witness".

This piece premiered at Harlem Stage in 2016.

For more information please visit my site page.

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