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Mo Geiger: (Conception, sculpture and space) 


Kent Barrett: (Conception, Light, Video and Sound)

PARADIZ'D was loosely inspired by various interpretations of Paradise Lost Book 1.

Paradiz’d is a feeling. It’s driving down the road, after a long period of separation, an argument, or some sort of confusion, and realizing that the world is what it is. Wind between your fingers, sunset on the side of your face, tires on pavement. The sound of birds, cars, music, crickets. 


This show is not a literal translation of Paradise Lost. It is simply trying to convey the feelings that we had while reading and talking about the book. It’s a journey from darkness to light, seen through our eyes and lives today as much as Milton’s.


The sensual texture of the sound of text; the way the words feel in your mouth.

The confusion and density of so many thoughts and ideas carried across time like the light from stars. 

The frenetic energy of a blind, ailing man who has lost so much and is trying desperately to finish his creation while racing against the end of his life.  

A fire burns around him.

The mundanity of it all.


The joy of it all.

We tried to create an environment that houses all these impulses, and then fill it with the beauty and gratefulness we feel for our friends and what they make and do.


Monica Lopez Soler

Clarissa Messer

Noah Fusco

Sarah Blocher

Nina Spoelker

Matt Steiman

Thomas A. Downs

Anthony Brau

David Crowtherd

Karen Kirkham

Ted Kirkham

Walter Kirkham

Felonica Kirkham

Christabelle Kirkham

Kenya Bullock

Jason Nedrow

Sam Nedrow

Addie Nedrow

Kristen Kim

Sherry Harper-McCombs

Kevin Harper-McCombs

Demma Harper-McCombs

Juli Bounds

Sarah Skaggs

Mike Beevers

Chase Perabo

Solomon Zisser

Jonah Reynolds

Conor Leary

Sara Markowitz

Dennis Ealy

Kelsey Horowitz

Jeff Adams

Daniel Jackson

Erin Crawley-Woods

Abigail Geiger

Jenny Rhoads







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