graphic design

Paradiz'd Poster

Howl Poster

Pocatello Poster

Book Cover

This was a prop item created for David Korins' Set Design for Metal Children by Adam Rapp which premiered at The Vineyard Theatre

Grapes of Wrath Poster

Mr. Burns Poster

Pussy Riot Promo

Publicity Poster

This was the publicity poster for Somewhere America, the opening play of the inaugural season of The New Works Festival

Buried Child Poster

Farmers Market Poster

This poster was designed to serve the farmers market of Carlisle, and also cut down on waste / money. The poster was designed as a square with the postcard taking up the other rectangle so that both the postcard and poster could be cut out of a single 13"x19" sheet of paper, with the poster then hung at a 45 degree angle

Freshworks Poster

Three Sisters Official Show Poster

Ugly Rhino Poster

This poster was created to act as a logo and poster for presentational material connected to Ugly Rhino. Ugly Rhino was a new theatre company started in Brooklyn; I had the chance to design the scenery for Danny Sharron's direction of Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco. The company also asked that I create the poster for their company and this premiere production

Kent  Barrett